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Getting Old and Getting Busy

Posted on: January 11, 2015

owlThis post is a follow up to the previous one. In my last post, I complained about getting old. Next month, I turn 52, and the last post describes 7 symptoms of “senescence”.

In this post, I outline what I’m doing about this. I’m not exactly “raging against the dying of the light”. But I am announcing, citing Monty Python, “I ain’t dead yet!”.

Here’s what I’m doing to ameliorate my complaints about aging:

1. Cold. I live in Silicon Valley. Winter days here can feel like a spring day in the part of Canada in which I grew up. Up until the last few years, I was a 2 layer guy: layer 1 would be a t-shirt, and layer 2 would be a sweatshirt for the “cold” winter weather.

Today, I’m a 3-layer guy. Same layer 1. Layer 2 has now become layer 3. And the new layer 2 is a long-sleeved warm shirt/sweater. During winter, if I’m not exercising, I’m wearing layers 1 and 2 constantly (even when the fire has our kitchen at 75 degrees), usually with a skull cap.

Easy peasy.

2. Injury/Slow Recovery. Whenever I feel pain while exercising, an old voice says: “Hey, it’s just a little pain. Keep going and the pain will probably go away”. A new, older voice disagrees and says: “Hey asshole, keep on going if you want to be out for 3 months”. I now listen to the second voice.

I’m looking forward to a new voice cropping up before I even start exercising that says: “Hey, how are feeling today, big guy? You know, if your [fill in blank] is a little stiff or sore today, you might think about taking it slow.”

3. Muscle Wasting. I’m 2 weeks into a 30 minute upper body weight training regimen that I do twice a week. The strength is coming back.

4. Short Term Memory. Take more notes, develop more habits. Note that this decline in short term prowess is offset by an expanding and growing long term wisdom.

5. Absence of Buzzing Energy. Keep that calendar fresh!

6. Driving the Speed Limit. All good here. No change needed.

7. Sexually, Meh. Ditto.

1 Response to "Getting Old and Getting Busy"

Adapting to an aging body and mind is called wisdom. You’re getting wiser brother!

The only thing that is glaringly missing from your old age plan is meditation.

Meditation is so very powerful for the body, mind and spirit.

Remember when you told me:

Happiness (peace, joy, etc.) = Reality – Expectations

So very, very true. I just finished reading a book called “The Untethered Soul” by M. Singer. It’s going to be my bible as I age into death, because it’s a how to book for your mathematical equation.

It’s a quick read. Get it on Kindle and let me know what you think.


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