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Ferguson’s Magic Negroes

Posted on: August 20, 2014

Been following the Ferguson story. Amazing legs on that one. International in scope.

Another amazing thing to me is the people who believe Officer Wilson acted appropriately in shooting and killing the unarmed Michael Brown.

Now, self-acknowledged racists will admit to themselves and to others their belief that Wilson’s actions were justified simply because Brown was black. Since he was black, Wilson was acting fully within his discretionary powers to shoot the black boy dead. Simple!

But in present day America, almost nobody will come out and just flat out say that.

What some will say is that Brown’s robbery of the convenience store justified the shooting. Of course, those sentiments are ridiculous. i.e. Even the Iranians just cut off your hand for stealing; they don’t shoot you like a rabid dog. And even those crazy mofos probably give you at least the pretense of a trial.

So people who espouse this justification for Wilson are pretty much what they seem to be.

A deeper take is racists in denial who say that since Brown seems to have punched Wilson in the face, there we have our justification. But again, we’re back to the Iranian comparison because nobody is saying that Wilson shot Brown dead immediately upon being punched in the face.

So people using the face punching as justification are actually on par with the robbery-as-justification people.

That leaves us with the evidently educated people who say that Wilson was justified in shooting Brown dead because after Brown ran away, and then turned back toward Wilson, Brown charged at Wilson threateningly. Hence, Wilson was justified in shooting Brown dead.

But this sounds a little crazy.

[Explanation of the “magic negro” theory below the fold]

I mean, here’s this boy running, and a cop chasing him is firing bullets at him. One bullet seems to have grazed his right arm/chest. At this point, the unarmed boy decides to … wait for it …. turn around and charge at the man with the gun who is shooting at him??!?

Some racists in denial might say maybe Brown was under-educated so he was unable to see that this was not his best option for survival.

Other such people are more charitable, and they point out that the county autopsy showed that Brown was high on marijuana at the time of the incident. But this line of argument takes us back to the days of “Reefer Madness”, and given Seahawks vs. Broncos (i.e. the Ganga Bowl of 2014), those days are long gone.

So here’s what we’re left with: Brown must have turned around to charge at Wilson because he’s a “thug” and who the hell knows what goes on through the “mind” of a “thug”?

Now we come to the problem of starting with “Brown turned around to charge at Wilson”, and squaring that theory with the bullet wounds found on Brown’s corpse. Moreover, we (closet racists) need to debunk any witness testimony to the contrary of this “charging” theory.

So, IMHO, there are three negroes that matter to this racist story: Brown, Dorian Johnson, and Piaget Crenshaw.

Immediately after the shooting two Saturdays ago, Johnson told a story from which he hasn’t deviated since. His story is that Brown turned around with his hands up to surrender to Wilson.

Crenshaw took a video with her phone within a minute of the shooting. On this contemporaneous video, Crenshaw clearly expresses her shock at the “injustice” of the shooting. i.e. the shooting wasn’t about a “fair fight” or a struggle between Brown and Wilson. Indeed, Officer Wilson, who is seen pacing in the video, looks like one guilty dude.

Notice that Crenshaw’s emotional account and Johnson’s factual account are entirely consistent with each other.

And both of those accounts are consistent with the six holes in Brown’s corpse. One of these holes appears to be a grazing of Brown. Three of them appear on the inside of Brown’s right arm. Two of them are head shots, the first of which entered above Brown’s eyebrow; the second, the top of Brown’s head.

How did Brown get bullet holes entering the inside of his right arm? Or the top of his head? One obvious way is that he put his hands up, exposing the inside of his arms to Wilson, thereby experiencing bullet wounds in that location. Then, the 6’4″ Brown was probably hitting the ground to avoid more shots when Wilson plunked him twice in the top of his head.

But hey, this post isn’t about “reasonable” or “probable” explanations. It’s about a racist explanation.

And the racist explanation for the nature of the holes in Brown’s body goes something like this: Brown was charging at Wilson when he turned around. But he wasn’t “charging” like you or me. I mean, he wasn’t pumping his arms in the normal way, body leaning slightly forward, facing his opponent.

No, Brown couldn’t have been charging that way because the bullet wounds are inconsistent with that.

Instead, Brown must have been “charging” by bending over at his waist, looking at his own shoes rather than at Wilson (i.e. with the top of his head facing the barrel of Wilson’s gun), with his arms extended either out to the side or down toward the ground, palms facing Wilson (i.e. with his inner right arm facing that barrel).

Picture that in your head. That sounds like one of those weird yoga positions I’ve been in lately.

And thus we come to the title of this post. It goes like this: If I need to believe that Wilson was justified in shooting Brown because Brown turned to charge at him, then we need to believe that Brown, Johnson and Crenshaw are “magic negroes” who:

  • tell false independent, contemporaneous stories that magically happen to line up perfectly with each other and with the announcement, one week after their “false stories”, of the positions of the bullet holes on Brown’s body
  • charge at cops not like you or I would, but rather like a terrifying, magical, flying yogi

Well, either all that, or the kids were just tellin’ the truth.

p.s. Yes, I did see the NYTimes article yesterday entitled Shooting Accounts Differ as Holder Schedules Visit to Ferguson. In fact, this piss and vinegar post is a response to that “balanced” piece (as well as to the racist #Ferguson tweets). The money quote is:

According to his account to the Ferguson police, Officer Wilson said that Mr. Brown had lowered his arms and moved toward him, law enforcement officials said. Fearing that the teenager was going to attack him, the officer decided to use deadly force. Some witnesses have backed up that account.

I read that shoddy paragraph and I wondered: “Who the hell are Frances Robles and Michael Schmidt?” I guessed that these were a couple of kid reporters (bingo!) and further that they were instructed to forgo their intellectual integrity in order to provide a “balanced” account that palliates the closet racists.

If so, here’s my message to Robles, Schmidt, and the Grey Lady: “It ain’t working! Don’t even try. The racists — closet or otherwise — aren’t buying your game. Stick to your integrity.”

3 Responses to "Ferguson’s Magic Negroes"

Excellent post! I really appreciate these undisbutable facts.. which SHOULD become more clear after the Grand Jury announces their decision. I live less than 10 miles from Ferguson and have been following this since Mike Brown was shot. Its amazing the attitudes and statements that have emerged from people over here.. check out our white flight stats and city/county history.. People here equate black skin with criminality and flee neighborhoods once things get “too dark”. But this stems from the systematic problems that are discussed in “The New Jim Crow”. God help St. Louis!!


Thanks for the comment. I guess I expect the legal process to go anywhere else but toward “justice”. Certainly not in that area. But maybe times have changed.


Looks like my expectations were on the money.


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