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The New Jim Crow: Civil War

Posted on: July 6, 2014

There will be civil war in America coming this decade, I predict. The map to the right shows that this time, the U.S. Civil War won’t be waged between the North and South, but rather between East and West.

The trigger for the war will be about the War on Drugs prisoners who are held mostly in the East, as the maps to the right show.

Let me say right now that if my prediction of a coming civil war comes true, that my greatest hope is that the ensuing engagement between East and West will be peaceful, and the result will allow the West to secede somewhere around the Continental Divide.

This post is a second one about the 2010 book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness written by Michelle Alexander. To understand her thesis, listen to the speech Michelle delivered to the University of Chicago in 2010 about her new book.

This post is about an epiphany I experienced today about the coming civil war.

What was that epiphany?

More than 10 years ago, I began blogging about a coming civil war in America.

I predicted the coming of that war based on the theories of a couple of books. Studying the theories, I reasoned that the previous 500 years of existential wars over “America” (coming every 80 years or so) were liberationist struggles the outcomes of which resulted in new groups of people becoming equal players on the American firmament.

Back in 2003, I looked around at the broad and wide United States (with my narrow perception of the time) and concluded that there was no group left to liberate — at least none over which a war needed to be fought in order to liberate. Not women, nor blacks, nor gays, nor even illegal immigrants.

So with nobody apparently left to liberate, I reasoned that the people that needed liberating was all of us People with a beating heart (i.e. not those Corporation people). And the party from which we needed liberating was the Corporations. Hence People vs. Corporations.

This was my conclusion way back in 2003. Nine years later, with only a failed Occupy Wall Street movement to show for it, I speculated that maybe the People vs. Corporations civil war was already over, with the Corporations being the victors; the People, the serfs. Under that line of thinking, I reasoned that California should secede from the Union because our Corporations (Silicon Valley, and Hollywood) are better than theirs, and we shouldn’t have to spend our California money to prop up the failed East.

Well, that takes me up to my blogging as late as 2012.

Today, being in chapter 4 of Michelle’s book, I now see it clearly. The flashpoint issue of the coming war will be:

“political prisoner” “War on Drugs” “undercaste” == “mass incarcerated” “thugs”

These are the millions of “forgotten people” of Michelle’s thesis. As the map for 2005 above shows, these people are caged mostly in the East prisons.

I argue that the coming conflict can be peaceful because we in the West can accept that the East is utterly incapable of seeing their “thugs” as “political prisoners” needed liberating.

Now the East may not be willing to let the West go since the West is the East’s sugar daddy. This is where I hope that when the schism comes, enough of the U.S. military defects to California, and is able get under their control the nuclear missle sites.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Bottom line, today, after 11 years of seeing nobody left in America to liberate, thanks to Michelle, I now see these “invisible” people standing in the clear light of day.

Thank you Michelle.

6 Responses to "The New Jim Crow: Civil War"

Interesting. Scary.

Back in the 18th and 19th centuries when England dumped close to a few hundred thousand prisoners to Australia, that country seem to do just fine without a civil war. It’s hard to imagine another civil war happening in the US.

Regardless, you’re always welcome up here



My friend Matt emailed me: “You need something that tips about 15 million a once.”

I agree. But can’t imagine what the spark might be. I mean, Michelle was a civil rights lawyer looking for racism and yet even she was blind to this machine until one special kid broke through her consciousness.

As for me, I’ve been predicting an American crisis since 2003 in the form of a civil war. But my predictions were based on theory divorced from the sort of raw emotion that drives war.

When I read about the machine Michelle discovered, it seemed obvious to me that this is the answer.

But again, I’m weird.

What will it be for the 15 million “common man”?

Whatever it is, I just hope it quickly turns toward secession for California.


There’s a fairly significant academic following that suggests the Return of the City State may be imminent. That is, as a Londoner, I have more in common with citizens of New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Syndney and Singapore than I do with someone from Manchester or Birmingham. And that most economic wealth is being generated from those global urban centers. And the Mayor of London or New York is effectively more powerful than certain State Governors or even Presidents of many countries. So it may be cities seceding… a step further than you thought, eh?


Interesting. Never heard of that before. Aligns with Spengler’s ideas.


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[…] who believe Wilson was justified in murdering Brown. Those people are a large reason behind this earlier post of […]


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