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Oh Sh#&!

Posted on: November 9, 2012

I was in the middle of a weekly yoga session with my neighbor when it hit me: civil war is coming to America after all.

This war will be between People and Corporations, just as I predicted in 2003. On the side of the People will be The PNA and India 2.0. On the side of the Corporations, Rump America. Blue people against Red people. (See the previous post re the terminology.)

Nine years ago, I completed an analysis showing that 500 years of “American” history pointed straight to a coming People vs. Corporations civil war.

But at the time, I thought that that was an impossibility. My reasoning went that a corporation is a legal fiction, and you can’t exactly shoot a legal fiction. Ergo, no shooting war.

But the defeat of Prop 37 in California, and the vitriolic fallout after the presidential election two days ago has me thinking otherwise.

There’s two camps in this country: Left (Blue) and Right (Red). Right fears Government domination. “One World Government” is their nightmare.

Left fears Corporate domination. A poisoned planet and sickened people is their nightmare.

The Right thinks the Left is crazy when it talks about “global warming” and “emissions”, “GMO” as “poison”, SSRIs as weapons of death and despair, 9/11 as a bit too funky, etc. Those Lefties are conspiracy theorist nut-jobs. With Obama in power, the lunatics are running the asylum!

The Left thinks the Right is crazy talking about “One World Government” when the sole remaining ruler of the entire planet is the good old USA herself. In other words, if there is a One World Government, we are it! What are those lunatics worried about?

My neighbor tells me the two sides just need to talk more to find their common humanity. I’d say that would be a great idea, if Sandy wasn’t the early cry of a prophecy yet to be played out. Or if the sole remaining world superpower wasn’t on the brink of insolvency.

Let’s look closer at those two issues.

The Right thinks Sandy was God’s punishment against homosexuality. i.e. it was the Left’s fault. The Left thinks Sandy is the harbinger of the final days of the Oil Economy. i.e. it was the Right’s fault.

Government insolvency? Left says it was Bush’s war-mongering. Right says it’s Obama’s welfare nation.

So to the Right, the Left is the agent of mysterious foreign occupation and domination of America. i.e. traitors.

And to the Left, the Right is the (mostly) unwitting handmaiden of the corporate destruction of the planet, starting with America. i.e. traitors (not to mention humans as corporate proxies).

That last thought made me realize that even if corporations are legal fictions, the humans doing their bidding, like the 53% in California who voted NO on Prop 37 (GMO labeling), are people who can shoot and be shot as corporate-proxies (creepy thought, that one).

But the thing that finally pushed me over the edge about this coming civil war was the idea that issues of race and gender were all but over in this country. In the link above from 2003, I argue that the meteoric rise of blacks and women since 1963 implied that these struggles were over with. Certainly the election of Barack Hussein Obama seemed to corroborate that assumption.

But this last election woke me up to something. Blacks and women have certainly “made it” in America, but only in The PNA and India 2.0 portions of America. Another way to say it is that Obama is the President, not of America, but of India 2.0, and the absentee President of The PNA.

Rump America? That Kenyan n@#$%r ain’t their President.

I’m seeing the election-season comments from the GOP about “legitimate rape” and “God’s will” in another light altogether. When these stories first came out, I thought of these men as dinosaurs. Anachronisms.

But they’re not that at all. They are middle of the road in Rump America.

I was joking in my last post when I said that Rump America was still fighting the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

I’m not joking today. I really think they are.

Last point about the coming civil war: the media. Whenever there is civil war, like for example in Syria today, each side optimally has it own media, spouting out its propaganda.

To the Right, the MSM (main street media) is the propaganda arm of the Left.

Guess who says that the loudest? Fox News, the propaganda machine of the Right.

So each side has its own media. Actually though, the MSM is the media for India 2.0. The PNA doesn’t have its own captive media. Maybe Hollywood and Silicon Valley social media will play that role.

Sad thought: If civil war is coming, what will be the Fort Sumpter event? Sad to say, but I’d put my money on political assassination. At the highest levels.

A few years ago, the Obama administration put out an analysis warning of increased right-wing terrorism in the country. That analysis was withdrawn after howling protests from the Right.

I’m fearing that in Obama’s second term, the chickens are  coming home to roost on that prophetic withdrawn analysis.

Finally, why blog such sad things?

My main reason is to raise public consciousness of these grave matters, and prepare people to think about an orderly division of the country into the natural three sub-countries.

2012 is not a time for any side to force its worldview down the throat of the other side at the point of a gun. Better for each side to walk away, and divorce peacefully.

That’s my hope. Otherwise, Canada is looking better and better these days. 🙂

18 Responses to "Oh Sh#&!"

I don’t think there will be a civil war and I don’t think separation will ever happen.

The US is the strongest military force in the world. Good or bad, it is a country that sticks it’s nose into everyone else’s business in order to make these countries behave more fairly (read: democratically). Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, etc., etc.

One thing we know for sure, is that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. There isn’t a country in the world that comes to the aid of those in need more than the US. If the shit hits the fan in the country’s own backyard and internal violence starts up, the US will take care of it’s own, and it’s military efforts will be used to achieve order in the country once again. If internal military might is ever needed, I believe resolution will happen very quickly and effectively so that in the end, there will be no war. After all, we’re dealing with a democratic country from the get-go, not some foreign country that is politically governed by dictatorship.

Regarding separation, the US will not fragment because there are far too many moderates in all of your 3 areas that would ever allow that to happen. Look at Canada and the separatists from Quebec. That saga has been going on for 30 + years. We had a national referendum, and the vote was “no” to separation. There are far too many moderates throughout the entire country that see the value of a united country rather than a divided one. I think this is also true of the US. The only difference between Canada and US is the aggressiveness and ferocity in which ideologies are expressed. And I think this has everything to do with the interpretation of the US’ first and second amendments. (Freedom of speech and gun ownership exist in Canada but in a much more controlled, and IMHO, responsible way).


The other thing that I immediately thought of what when I read your post was this: how’d the hell did you come up with civil war when you were engaged in a peaceful and mindful practice like yoga? Ironic!! 🙂


Cooler heads prevail in Canada. Not so much in the U.S.

“After all, we’re dealing with a democratic country from the get-go, not some foreign country that is politically governed by dictatorship.”

Sure, I’d say that too. But I come from the political Left.

The Right would beg to differ. Case in point: Victoria Jackson, a former SNL comedian turned right-wing nut-job tweeted crazy shit after the election. None crazier than tweeting about a parody blog post as if it was true.

The post (http://www.duffelblog.com/2012/11/military-absentee-ballots-delivered-one-day-late-would-have-swung-election-for-romney/) talked about ballots cast by military overseas and said that they reached the U.S. on Nov. 7 — one day too late to be counted. The post said that had they been counted, Romney would have won.

It was a joke. The sort of stuff the Onion puts out.

But just read the comments. Jackson and her fellow travelers believe the story is true.

Those people would disagree that we live in a “democratic country” not “governed by a dictatorship”. They believe the exact contrary.

Who is “they”? Not just fringe people on the Right. But people at the very top — Karl Rove, Donald Trump, etc.

If those people are nuts, just imagine what white supremacist nut-jobs in Idaho are thinking.

Time to visit the Southern Poverty Law Center website …


Yoga cleared my head, and so the muddled haze I had been under for nine years vanished. With that clear head, things that had been right in front of me over these last few years suddenly took on a different, more ominous hue.

Just like in 2004, when I made unusual predictions for Bush’s second term — a number of which came true — I feel like I can now clearly see Obama’s second term.

Sad to say I see political assassination coming, followed by over-reaction, followed by inner-city guerrilla warfare. See, e.g., Rudolph, Eric.

Given I see this coming, you can imagine why I like the idea of secession so much.


From the SPLC: http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2012/11/07/for-the-radical-right-obama-victory-brings-fury-and-fear/

Key segment of the article: ‘Remarkably, similar [hate/rage-filled] sentiments seemed to crop up in what is taken as the political “mainstream.” …’


US has always had a flare for the dramatic. Name me one other country where so much time, energy and money has been spent on an election process? None.

Some of these “non-fringe” overdramatic people need to be medicated, IMO. Trump, Jackson and Rove are essentially harmless. The question is, do these harmless people have the potential to incite violence in wacko bat-shit crazy people to do harm? I don’t think so. Bat-shit crazy people don’t need excuses to do harm.

I like one guy’s response on the SPLC site:

“Emigration is a great idea for WNs. Any way we can persuade Newt Gingrich to lead them to the moon to establish a colony?”

I was thinking of something along similar lines.

I believe that most people who voted Republican are decent, law-abiding, and moderate-thinking citizens.

What I think should happen, is that instead of the moon, entice all of the white supremacists, violent anti-gay people and violent anti-abortion people into a plot of land in the middle of America. Give them their own country, with their own barb wired Berlin wall, let them govern themselves, and let their hatred render themselves extinct by their own hands.

If Obama was concerned about internal terrorism at the time of his first election, I’m sure he is taking measures over and above what is necessary for his own protection.

I see this whole situation as same ol’ same ol’: the drama and flare of the US, reaching extreme heights fueled by it’s own first amendment laws; and crazy bat-shit people planning harm fueled by their entitlement ideology that is supported by the second amendment.

For Obama’s sake and the sake of the US people, I hope I’m right about my ‘just another day at the office’ point of view.

Your point of view sounds very, very scary. You may be right, but I hope you’re wrong. Time will tell.


I hope I’m wrong too. But I suppose what gives me “confidence” that I’m right on this one is that I give credence to patterns that persist over time.

The 500 year-long pattern of a life-or-death war every 80 years or so for America is such a pervasive pattern that it seems unlikely we will defeat history.

That pattern says we’re overdue for just such a war right now.

The only open question is: What war?

To me, the obvious one is the one I’ve described. Not China. Not Russia. Not the Arab world.

Us. The enemy is us.

Trolling YouTube, I found lots of people calling for Southern secession. i.e. a repeat of 1859.

This time, I, as a Californian, say “let ’em go!”.

In the 1860s, California tipped the war in the favor of the North.

In the 2010s, maybe California will have a do-over and go her own way.


“That’s right. Our next Cold War ought to be with ourselves. We’re the logical choice.” – B. Hicks


Hi, I apologize for being off topic here. I was looking for info on the Enneagram and neuroscience – particularly related to Richie Davidson’s emotional styles. I came across your online book and couldn’t find anywhere else to write to you (the comments link is still down). Just one more note about the Enneagram – I’ve known about it for years but always resisted it because of its “new age” flavor. My wife (Jan) and I are now working on a website on neuroscience and meditation, based in large part on Dan Siegel’s Interpersonal neurobiology. In one of his books, Dan mentions that for the last five (!!!) years, he has been working with enneagram expert David Daniels to develop a brain based personality theory drawing a great deal from the Enneagram. As I turned for the first time in years to a few books on the Enneagram, I immediately saw this could be a link between materialist and non materialist views of consciousness, which is my primary interest.

Well, that’s why I wanted to get in touch with you! If you’re interested, please drop me a line at [don’s email].

By the way, great column on civil war. As a leftie from NYC

(30 years in the super-“commie” East Village) who spent 9 years in super-red Greenville, SC (a mile from Bob Jones University) and is now (thank goddess!!) living in Asheville, NC (where, on our first visit just after the start of the Iraq war, Jan and I saw a poster saying, “Regime change starts at home!”, we first realized that Asheville was an amazing and wonderful place) –

I just want say, the civil war never stopped down here. South Carolinians joke, “The South will rise again”, and smile, but then you hear about elderly politicians who say that Obama’s presidency was “the worst thing that happened to me in my entire life”. But there’s groups of recovering Baptists here, and the funniest thing in Greenville is almost ever day, you meet progressives who say, “I’m the only one here, nobody else thinks like me” and you get to tell them, “Gee, I just met a half dozen people who said the same thing in the past week”


Thanks for the comment Don. I’ll ping you separately re the Enneagram.

Re the coming civil war, your stories point out just how messy it would be if it became violent. Even though the three regions of the country are entrenched politically, lots of the other folks still live there.

Like my “reactionary” mother-in-law who is moving in with us in our Silicon Valley home. I said to her: “Look, either move to Utah, where everybody else thinks like you, or move in with us, because we’ll love you no matter what crazy bullshit you pass on from Fox News.” 🙂

Another example: after all those people in the Southern states signed online petitions for secession the other day — most coming from Texas — I saw tweets from folks in Austin saying they should secede from Texas in that event. 🙂

Last point: IMHO, the more we can laugh about this, the better.


well then, you might enjoy this. This is from when Jan and I first got to Greenville, but I think (at least, if you see it from our point of view) it may really give you a sense of how alien we felt there.

Late 2002. We’re standing at the checkout at Bi-Lo, and a woman is waiting patiently in line behind us. As the cashier begins to take our food, she looks at the woman behind us.

Jan expressed our reaction just perfectly. You know how you hear something and you don’t register it at first – some vague part of your mind knows you heard certain words, but another part of your mind just can’t quite believe it’s what you really heard.

Well, it was.

The cashier says (to the woman behind us) “Are you Jewish?”

The woman, without missing a beat, says, “Do you go to Bob Jones University? (the woman touches the Jewish star hanging from her necklace as she says this) “They often ask me that.”

Cashier: “Why yes. We’re studying your people in class. We think you’re wonderful.”

Well, that’s all. But as nominally Jewish (non religious) progressive New Yorkers, only in Greenville about 6 months, we still couldn’t quite believe such conversations actually take place.

And my favorite part – do you know why the casher and her BJ classmates think Jews are so wonderful (and the woman behind us, a very intelligent looking woman, knew this, I’m quite sure)

Because when all the Jews return to Israel, the rapture will finally be upon us.

At which point, all the saved Christians will rise up into the air (I’ve never heard specifications – a few hundred feet, a few thousand feet? It’s like a space travel question I used to ask BJ students – if God created the universe 6000 years ago, what would happen if you could travel 6000 light years out in space? Would you hit a brick wall? The students would always say, “Gee, I don’t know. I have a professor you might ask about that.”

And as the unmanned cars continue to careen across the highway – the cars “left behind” by the Christians now watching calmly from above – the remaining Jews and other heathens will be crushed in a massive series of auto accidents around the world; and nuclear reactors manned by Christians may also explode, and all kinds of other horrors.

And my favorite part – the Christians floating up in the air look down with a mixture of pity and compassion for the poor heathen who didn’t heed their warnings and get “saved” when they had the chance (that includes everyone reading this, “my friends”), and look calmly as the Jews and other heathens die a hideous, painful death.

And somehow, all of this – including the nuclear explosions, release of biological and chemical weapons and whatever other horrors – will be immediately cleaned up as the Christians descend and reclaim their now Edenic paradise.

Did your mother in law hear about this in the main stream media? Well probably not because of that darn “war on Christmas”. Well, now that the “takers” are in charge (the people Romney blames on his losing the election, all those people that just want “gifts” from Obama) I guess we’ll never know the truth (until…. until…. until the Jews go back to Israel. Ok, Jan and I got the message – we’re leaving tomorrow!


Classic! Thanks Don. That was hilarious.


I think we are still a ways off from the fighting time of this crisis period. I still think it will be about corporations vs. people. I think it may involve other countries too though because corporations control our military. Have you ever seen “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” on youtube? When the banksters and corporations can’t extract what they want from a country using other methods, they bring in the US military. And then there’s the petrodollar, that we use our military to defend. Anybody who sells oil for anything but dollars, gets attacked (Libya and Iraq), but at the same time we are devaluing the dollar and exporting inflation with quantitative easing, so the other countries are getting fed up with that, and China is now selling oil for yuan. I’m not sure it will lead to war with China though because if Russia and China successfully get the world buying oil in other currencies, the dollar will massively lose value, and we could be in for really bad financial times here in the US instead of a war with another country. I think if really bad financial times come, we will get back to the idea of self sufficiency as the solution.

I think the right is against one facet of the corporations, and that is the banks, and the big corporations are very controlled by the banks, so perhaps one day we will in a bigger way realize the people on the right and the left have the same enemy.

There were many Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters in the Occupy movement, so there are those who do get that we have the same enemy.

BTW I found your old people vs. corporations site 2 years ago, and it was very formative of opinions for me. In the 2 years since then I have found nothing to discount the theory, and the Occupy movement only strengthened the theory for me. Occupy is not gone. It is just not demonstrating as much. It was tough to put up with the police battery. They do things now like a debt buyback program where people buy each others debt for pennies on the dollar, and then forgive the debt.


Thanks for the comment Kathy. Yeah, I read the book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” a couple of years back. Very interesting take on the historical uniqueness of the American Empire. I often say that our empire is distinct in history because the only people in the world who don’t know that America has a nearly world-wide empire are … wait for it …. the American people. 🙂

The only change in my opinions on the coming People vs. Corporations war is that I’m starting to think that the Corporations are going to win.

Hence why I think the best solution for America would be to split up. I would love to see Pacific North America (California, Oregon, Washington, western half of Nevada, British Columbia, Baja, and the Yukon) become a sovereign reality in my lifetime.

Silicon Valley and Hollywood would be the jewels of the economy of the PNA. The new country would be self-sufficient on food, materials, and energy production. It would be a Green mecca for the world.

Silicon Valley and Hollywood are the last true meritocracies left in American industry. The rest of American industry (i.e. east of the Nevada desert) is a clusterf&^% of corporate welfare queens.

Given you read my P vs. C writings, you might have noticed that there is nobody left to bring under the American tent. i.e. no classes of humans left to liberate in America. We’re all free.

Back then, I said we needed to kick the Corporate elephants out of that tent. Back then I thought that was possible.

Today, in Obama’s 5th year, not so much.

That line of thinking led me to the beauty of secession.

Now my mantra is: “The 500-year work of America is over. She has succeeded is what she set out to do so long ago: namely, liberate all of us People. WIth her work done, now she can die (hopefully peacefully).”


I agree that it very well could end up with the country splitting apart. Time will tell. And since the corporations control our military, splitting the country apart would weaken the corporations.

As far as the nobody to bring into the tent. Perhaps it is that we have all been pushed out of the tent except the corporations. We have the illusion of being in the tent still but if the tent is power over our government, it is only an illusion. When the corporations buy both sides, no matter who wins, the corporations still get their way and the people still don’t get their way.


Yeah, I’d agree the corporations own the government for any actionable thing the people would want.

But on the other hand, I think corporations would love the government to pass laws requiring people to buy their products. Yet they’ve made only a teeny bit of headway there. e.g. Obamacare requiring people to buy insurance from insurance corporations.

But buy and large, corporations are limited to advertising to coerce people to buy, especially through television.

We people are free to throw out our TVs and install AdBlock on our web browsers.

The day the government dictates what we have to buy is the day I’ll say we people are out of the tent completely.


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